1. Foreign journalists, film makers and photographers with assignments in Romania

The Fixer Romania project started from the need of local assistance that foreign media crews have in Moldova and Romania.

Today we are a one-stop-shop for anything directors, photographers and journalists may require: from access to communities and translation to filming equipment and content research.

BBC, The New York Times, Channel 4, Daily Mail and The Times are just some of the organizations that we have assisted.

2. Romanians who want to make their story known abroad

Stories that happen in Romania and Moldova are often left uncovered because of lack of interest or resources. The same happens sometimes with peculiar individuals whose personal background would impress viewers and readers.

We often pitch subject to our contacts in foreign media. Many times they become debate topics for TV shows or newspapers here.

If you live in Romania or Moldova and you know of a story, individual or business that should be featured in foreign media, drop us a line. We’d love to talk on this matter.