We strongly believe that, when hiring a journalist, production assistant, location manager or fixer in Romania and Moldova, the sole purpose is for the team to be able to focus on content while the local helper deals with everything else.

We know Southeastern Europe looks unpredictable and maybe difficult to work in. We love it here and we’re ready to share our local knowledge. Most of our assignments have taken us off the beaten path and usually had an impact through international and local media.

Here is the set of work values we developed in time:

  • Reliability
  • Getting the job done
  • Social impact
Below you can read brief personal descriptions of our team members:

Paul Lungu


E: hello@fixer-romania.ro
T: +40-721-776.511

“Our only certainty is not the final destination, but the journey itself.

To me, working in media production is a journey of adventure, constant change and perseverance.

I was very lucky to work with journalists, film makers and photographers that I always had to guide on less traveled roads.

Never did I think that my country is so complex and with such a multitutde of layers waiting to be explored.

Our Fixer Romania team is ready to go off the beaten path with every assignment. And we’re enjoying it too”

Sergiu Nazaru

Fixer, production assistant, Russian and English translator

“The extraordinary thing about working in production is that every assignment is a new challenge.

Being born in Moldova and spending many years in Bucharest – where I’m currently based – I’ve learned to adapt and enjoy diversity.

I’ve been to interviews in lavish offices of high-officials right after quick assignments in some of the poorest areas around Bucharest.

I am fluent in Romanian, Russian and English”

Gabi Zamfir


“I am the man able to put you in touch with every aspect of the Romanian communist past. I can also deliver good and less known stories when it comes to historical and cultural places in Bucharest”

Ana Dumbara

Researcher, production assistant, location manager, translator

Passionate about visual language and mass media, I’ve attended video editing courses at Intact Media Academy and filming courses at MediaFem, both institutions based in Bucharest. Living abroad before in Sweden and Iceland, I can easily live translate for you from and to English.

Enjoying the outdoors and adventure, you can count on me as your camera assistant in any kind of conditions.

Oana Muscalu

Location manager

“I am a Communication Studies graduate from Bucharest. My main focus is on journalism and new media. I like to be in touch with what happens in the world and what the online has to offer.

One of the things I enjoy the most is meeting new people and learning from their life experience. I’m a team player that will always be by your side with the right amount of research and guidance, but also with plenty of enthusiasm to get things on the right track.

Enough about me, let’s get things started!”

Viorel Ignat

Fixer, production manager, translator (Russian, English, Romanian) – based in Chisinau, Moldova

“I’m a Self Learning Journalist working for “THE CHISINAU POST”, a newspaper in the Republic of Moldova.

I cover events and reports across my country including Tiraspol (Transnistria – a region of Moldova temporarily occupied by Russia).

During my activity, I’ve worked as a fixer in Moldova and Transnistria for people from The Times, The Telegraph and other major press organizations”