Here is a list of the jobs our team covers:
  • Fixer in Romania
  • Location manager in Romania
  • Stringer in Romania
  • Freelance journalist in Romania
  • Production assistant in Romania
  • Translator from Romanian to English, Russian, Spanish
  • Film crew in Romania
Below is a detailed description of what we can do for you.
1. Fixer in Romania

When working on a film, photography or journalistic assignment in Romania, thorough local help can prove to be the difference between getting things done properly and wasting time and energy on unexpected situations.

Our Romanian fixer will:

  • Put you in touch with valuable contributors
  • Give you an insight about the situation you want to tackle
  • Help you get the best value for money for anything you want to purchase in Romania – here are the hotel deals you get if you work with us as fixers
  • Provide you with all the necessary logistics and 24-7 phone assistance

Our country may seem peculiar in many ways, which is why a fixer in Romania with a car is a valuable addition to any media crew involved in projects here or interested in filming in Romania.

We do accept that some assignments may be difficult or on short notice. But our general mindset says there is nothing a good fixer in Romania cannot achieve.

Having a broad experience of working as fixers in Romania, we are able to provide local access basically anywhere, from remote communities to high government officials.

We cover the whole country. So either if you need a fixer in Bucharest, local help in smaller cities, remote villages or a guide in Maramures, we are happy to help.

Our team will only provide you with a Romanian fixer that is experienced and whose work has had a positive outcome with foreign journalists, film makers and photographers who worked in Romania. Check our testimonial section where you can also ask for feedback independently from the people who hired us as fixers in Romania.

Let us know if you plan to cover a story, do a film project in Romania or even if you need some local friendly tips. Either if you want to work with a Romanian fixer or you just need some friendly local insights, send us a few words. We’d love to get in touch.

2. Location manager in Romania

The exceptional thing about our country is its capacity to offer a wide variety of spectacular places where crews can film at very affordable rates or even for free. I you’re thinking about filing in Romania, you’ve chosen a destination that offers a complex range of options through its diverse geography and the mix of tradition and modernity.

Our location manager in Romania is able to:

  • Scout filming locations anywhere in the country, from Bucharest to small villages and the remote area of Maramures;
  • Deal with locals in terms of access;
  • Sort out filming permits with Romanian authorities;
  • Prepare and adapt budgets for film and news crews;
  • Find local talent and equipment for filming in Romania.

Our team covers the whole country, so we are able to help if you need a location manager in Bucharest or anywhere else in Romania, such as smaller cities, remote villages or the traditional and unexplored region of Maramures.

Our Romanian location managers have access to a good range of places throughout the country. Many of these locations can be made available for free.

3. Stringer in Romania

In a very similar way to fixers, stringers are the members of your crew that bring local knowledge and general support in developing an assignment abroad, but also add their journalistic touch on the project.

Our Romanian stringer offers thorough local knowledge for foreign film crews, journalists or photographers that deal with assignments in the country. Although our country has done some major progress in the past years and the hospitality of locals has been praised by internationally known personalities such as Prince Charles, there is still a certain degree of unpredictability.

So having a Romanian stringer to help can put you in touch with local talent and contributors while saving valuable time and resources.

We can help with:

  • Offering original content prepared by native English speaking journalists based in Bucharest;
  • Doing research on topics related to Romania or Southeastern Europe;
  • Putting you in contact with contributors or setting up interviews;
  • Using our broad network of contacts for finding local talent and useful equipment for shooting in Romania;

So if you are involved in media or film making and plan to come here, we’d be glad if you worked with our Romanian stringer that is also ready to use his car for assignments.

4. Freelance journalist in Romania

When dealing with press assignments, inside knowledge or local press partners are more than useful to get the job done.

Our team includes Romanian journalists that have a thorough local knowledge, but we can also put you in contact with native English speaking freelance journalists based in Romania.

Given their experience with international media organizations, they can come with relevant knowledge and skills to make any press assignment more attractive for foreign readers.

So if you’re looking for help from a freelance journalist in Romania or want to get in touch with foreign journalists based in Bucharest that are also native English speakers, let us know.

5. Production assistant in Romania

In recent years Romania has become a destination often used by documentary and film makers from around the world. Our team can provide you with a production assistant in Romania that will help you find local talent, book equipment, hire crew or find locations for shooting in Romania.

Our Romanian production assistant can help you with the following:

  • Finding local talent, locations and equipment for filming in Romania;
  • Scouting locations anywhere in the country (our production assistant in Romania has a car);
  • Dealing with permits, locations and research necessary for documentaries;
  • Getting access to local communities and working as a location manager for real-life shows;
  • Putting you in touch with useful contacts and doing research for news or journalism assignments.

Hiring a production assistant in Romania that has a strong local knowledge will surely be a useful and affordable addition to your team.

6. Translator from Romanian to English, Russian, Spanish

One of the main reasons why local help is more than useful while working in Romania is the language barrier.

Our team of journalists, fixers and production manager can easily provide you with a translator in Romania.

We are fluent in:

  • Romanian
  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Although many young people are fluent in English or French, most of the rural areas and small towns are places where that language barrier can prove unbreakable for a foreign journalist or film maker.

So hiring a translator in Romania will help you get along with locals and find your way around the country.

Most of our assignments include this service, so we have a wide experience in translating from Romanian to English, Russian and Spanish or vice-versa. Either you need an interpreter in Romania or a wider range of services related to filming, covering news or journalistic projects, let us know.

7. Film crew in Romania

Bringing foreign crew members in Romania can prove costly since local talent is available at affordable rates.

Our team is a one-stop-shop for any film or documentary maker interested in shooting in Romania. Putting together a film crew in Romania is something we are ready to help you with.

Our network of contacts includes:

  • Production staff such as cameramen, sound assistants, photographers, film fixers – basically any staff needed for filming in Romania;
  • Actors and local talent;
  • Romanian film equipment providers;
  • Studios and theaters that can help with props;
  • Romanian location managers.