Our team can provide you with the following services:
  • Fixer in Moldova
  • Fixer in Transnistria
  • Stringer in Moldova
  • Location manager in Moldova
  • Moldovan freelance journalist
  • Production assistant for Moldova
  • Translator from Romanian to English, Russian
  • Film crew in Moldova
Here is a detailed description of what we can provide:
1. Fixer in Moldova

Moldova and Romania used to be one country before the war, which is why nowadays there are a couple of similarities between the two countries. One of them is that most of Moldovans speak Romanian, with Russian being the second most spoken language in the country.

Finding a reliable Moldovan fixer may seem tricky, which is why our testimonials section allows you to get feedback independently from some of the people we’ve worked with.

In a similar way to our fixer in Romania, our Moldovan fixer will:

  • Help you get in touch with useful contributors, arrange interviews and set up locations;
  • Work as a researcher in case you need any additional info on the issue related to Moldova that your article, film or photography project approaches;
  • Arrange logistic details for your news, photography or film assignment: equipment, transport, hotels. Our fixer in Moldova provides 24-7 phone assistance during your stay.

A peculiar location in Southern Moldova that we also cover is Gagauzia (also spelled Gagauziya and Gagauz-Yeri). The autonomous region is inhabited by 160,000 people and its capital and largest city is Comrat. The local language (Gagauz) has Turkish origins, although most Gagauzians also speak Russian or Romanian.

Given the particular situation of the region, we strongly recommend to use our fixer in Gagauzia. His local knowledge, understanding of mass-media and language skills will prove useful for any news, film or photography assignment. Our Gagauzian fixer can make sure you get local access and proper contributors for your project.

With its own slice of unpredictability, The Republic of Moldova is the kind of place where you can find surprising news stories and affordable spectacular film locations. Our Moldovan fixer will gladly use his experience and knowhow to help you get your assignment done. We cover the whole country: Chisinau, the other cities, villages, the Autonomous Region of Gagauzia and the unrecognized state of Transnistria.

Drop us a line if you have a particular project in mind that could use a fixer in Moldova or if you just need friendly information about traveling or filming in Moldova. We’d be glad to help.

2. Fixer in Transnistria

Also called Trans-Dniestr or Transdniestria, Transnistria is a territory between Moldova and Ukraine that claimed independence from Moldova in the early 90s. Since then, Transnistria has been living a frozen war. Its independence is not recognized by any country in the world. The presence of Red Army peacekeepers in the area can be considered a de facto support of Transnistria by Russia.

Personal security for journalists, media crews and photographers traveling to Transnistria is an obvious priority, although the area is not an open conflict. Our fixer in Transnistria is one of the few people who can provide you with thorough local knowledge while making sure things go according to plan in terms of the security of the crew.

Our fixer in Transnistria will:

  • Find the Transnistrian contributors and locations that will help develop your story;
  • Provide you with local knowledge relevant for your topic;
  • Help you sort the logistics: equipment (if needed) and details related to travelling to Transnistria. It is not recommended to spend the night in Transnistria;
  • Accompany you during the whole time of your stay in Transnistria. Our Russian and English speaking Transnistrian fixer can be a valuable help in the unlikely situation of having to deal with local authorities.

People are welcoming and the area is a bit more developed than Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova, but it is highly recommended to use a fixer in Transnistria. It saves time and has language skills that help you find your way as a journalist, photographer or film maker.

So either you need a fixer in Transnistria or info about traveling to Transnistria or filming there, drop us a line. We’re open to offering friendly advice.

3. Stringer in Moldova

For foreign journalists, Moldova is the kind of location that proves more than surprising and not exactly easy to understand through simple intuition. The past 25 years have been packed with action for this small Eastern European country.

Therefore having a stringer in Moldova will help with getting a sense of things and also finding your way through locations, contributors and local talent.

Our Moldovan stringer can help you with:

  • Research on local and regional topics;
  • Preparing English language content for journalists and newspapers;
  • Finding contributors, local talent and equipment.

Traveling to Moldova as a journalist could prove to be tricky especially if you’re on a race against time. Should you need a stringer in Moldova, feel free to get in touch.

4. Location manager in Moldova

In a similar way to Romania, Moldova’s landscape and economic situation offers an interesting variety of locations that can be made available for film makers at very affordable costs or even for free.

Our team includes a location manager in Moldova with 8 years of experience in media and film making. Getting proper permits, working low budget, filming guerilla-style – none of these have any secrets for our colleague.

Our location manager in Moldova will:

  • Scout any place around the country including Gagauzia and Transnistria;
  • Deal with access by getting in touch with locals and contributors;
  • Work under specific budget requirements.

Since the country has an unbelievable potential in terms of affordable places to use for films and documentaries, using a location manager in Moldova will help your project build up quickly and complying with budget restraints.

Feel free to contact us if you need general info that our Moldovan location manager can provide: permits, suitable places, costs (if any).

5. Freelance journalist in Moldova

Because nowadays press assignments are generally on short notice and on a budget, having a freelance Moldovan journalist to work with is a valuable addition to your team.

Moldova is still unpredictable in many ways. Although the country is stable and has done significant progress in recent years, it is still more than useful to have a freelance journalist based in Moldova to help with covering your stories.

Our team is prepared to help. We work with several freelance journalists in Moldova who use their experience and extensive network of contacts to help foreign journalists or international press agencies cover their stories.

6. Production assistant in Moldova

In a similar way to fixers, production assistants have the role to help you find your way when dealing with local issues. Our team includes a production assistant in Moldova who is ready to help you build up your project quickly and with affordable costs.

Our Moldovan production assistant has experience in working with:

  • Film makers – finding filming locations n Moldova, dealing with access and permits, getting in touch with local talent;
  • Documentary directors – doing research, getting local access and working as a location manager in Moldova;
  • Journalists and reporters – arranging meetings with contributors, doing research on local topics;
  • Reality shows – working as a location manager for Moldova, finding contributors, tackling logistics issues, getting equipment and local talent for filming in Moldova.
7. Translator from Romanian to English, Russian

The most spoken language in Moldova is Romanian, but a significant part of the population speaks Russian.

All our colleagues from Moldova also work as translators/interpreters and are fluent in English, Romanian and Russian. While working with us, there will be no need for hiring a separate translator in Moldova.

8. Film crew in Moldova

Bringing foreign staff to film in Moldova can be a problem especially since most projects nowadays have budget restrictions.

But with our help you can build your own film crew in Moldova using local freelancers and stringers.

Our services include:

  • Finding production staff such as cameramen, sound assistants, photographers, film fixers;
  • Hiring actors for shooting in Moldova;
  • Booking film equipment;
  • Getting props from studios and theaters;
  • Working with Moldovan location managers.