“The Fixer Romania team were instrumental in our pre-production, production and post-production process.
They helped secure locations, assisted during interviews and helped with transcription of Romanian interviews into English. The written English language transcripts were extremely clean and well written which ultimately helps to create a better product.

I would fully endorse them to media looking for a professional fixer in Romania.”

Jonah M. KesselThe New York Times

“I worked with Paul in Dec ’13 after he was recommended to me by another reporter at the BBC. I’ve worked with a lot of different fixers all over the world and Paul was by far one of the most organised and hard-working.
He managed to secure some very high profile interviews as well as some brilliant case-studies that really made our reports stand-out. He worked with charm and humour throughout the week and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”

Lucy WoolliscroftBBC

“If you’re a reporter bound for Romania, Paul and Sergiu are essential for arranging crucial on-the-ground appointments. Efficient and enthusiastic, they don’t waste your time, and they ‘get’ what you need. I can’t recommend them too highly. And they are good guys too”

Eric EllisEuromoney Magazine

“Paul is not just a reliable fixer but also a great guy to travel with. Although our time together was a little more relaxed than a documentary film shoot, he was still always thinking ahead to make whatever we wanted possible.
I’m almost certain that without Paul’s help, much of my trip would not have been possible”

Jacob JamesTravel and cultural documentary photographer

Jacob JamesTravel and cultural documentary photographer

I had a spontaneous and important trip to Romania to cover a delicate story. I literally called Paul at the last minute on arrival – and I am extremely thankful that I did. Not only because he cleared the next day for me, demonstrated exquisite translating skills and an understanding of interviewing in a sensitive situation.
But he also showed commitment beyond usual standards, as he continued to follow the story for me, contacting my sources again and again on my behalf when new questions arose.

The Fixer Romania team’s help was vital to me”

Susanne JunkerInformation (Dagbladet) Newspaper, Denmark

Susanne JunkerInformation (Dagbladet) Newspaper, Denmark

“We needed someone in Romania who could quickly pull together a variety of segments and reach out to local media to boost our publicity.
The Fixer Romania team lined up open doors with non-profits; government offices; secretive businesses; elusive car collectors; insular community leaders; local actors; and a heap of magazines, newspapers, and news channels.

They already had many contacts at their disposal, but when asked to get something completely novel the location managers never once said “we can’t do that.”

I wish I had a team like this in every location we filmed: affordable, fun, positive, and result oriented”

Jonathan LeggHost, Co-Producer, and Writer of The Road Less Traveled